13th Heritage Walk to cover city temples

The 13th Heritage Walk has been organised by Aurangabad History Society at the Sites of Khadkeshwar Mandir, Nageshwar Mandir, Balkrishna Mandir and the Educational Structures of Nizams period known as Tahetania, Wastaniya and Faukhania (Primary,Middle and High School)
The Khadkeshwar temples origin is an enigma and as per some sources belongs to the hoary past.It is the earliest temple of Khadki and is located at the present precincts of Khadkeshwar.The Mahadeva pind is worshipped and is said to be self created.

A little further down is Nageshwar Mandir visible from a distance.Ot belongs to the medieval period.A Shivling made of sand is worshipped here and as per the pujari the temple was built by a military regiment belonging to Baroda Sansthan.
In the same row a little further down is the Sri Balkrishna Mandir. This was probably built around a 100 years back. Balkrishna Maharaj is a contemporary of the Sufi Saint Hazrat Banimiya. Balkrishna Maharajs life was an example of National Integration

Historians Dulari Qureshi and Rafat Qureshi will curate the event.
Meeting Point: Khadkeshwar Temple
Date: 11th Feb 2018
Time: 8 am

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Written by Nikhil Bhalerao

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