18th Heritage Walk and Discussion: Bibi-Qa-Maqbara and Peripheries of River Kham

Aurangabad History Society
18th Heritage Walk and Discussion

Bibi-Qa-Maqbara and Peripheries of River Kham
Date: 24th June, 2018 & Time: 07:00 a.m. To 10:00 a.m. Venue (Meeting Point): In front of Bibi-qa-Maqbara, Aurangabad

The eighteenth heritage walk of Aurangabad History Society is arranged at Bib-Qa-Maqbara and its peripheries, where heritage enthusiasts will get glimpses of ambience and landscape of Bibi qa Maqbara. The Maqbara is pride of Aurangabad and is located in the serene locales of Begumpura and surrounded with breathtaking landscape of Satmala hills and the Kham River. In its backdrop and around it we have several beautiful iconic monuments like Chawal Gate, Hathi Gate and also historic Armenian-British Graveyard.
Bibi-Q-Maqbara also Known as ‘Taj of Deccan’; is one of the finest monuments in Deccan. It’s designed on the typical Mughal Char Bagh design with gardens on all its four sides It was built in between 1653 and 1660 that has been corroborated by authentic sources like Badshahnama a contemporary document of Shahjahan/Aurangzeb. Other sources are Tavernier 1653 Thevenot in1666 The Maqbara was conceived by Attaullah Lahori and its engineer was Hanspatrai. Maqbara is decorated with beautiful gardens and several water sources like the oblong water reservoirs, cisterns
Other architectural specifics of Bibi qa Maqbara are its unique shafted pillar decorations, tanks and water pools with lotuses. It has additional Structural devises as well as Decorative and Ornamental elements.

Since its foundation, Maqbara remained jewel of our city, and local and peoples from different parts of country and world remained its admirers. From yesteryears well known actress Meena Kumari praised about this monument in her collections. Thus, come and learn about the monument of our city…

The walk will begin from circle in front of Bibi Qa Maqbara and senior official from ASI-Aurangabad, Dr. Shivakant Bajpai, veteran historian Dr. Dulari Qureshi and Mr. Rafat Qureshi will narrate about the monument.

For further details contact:
Dr. Bina Sengar, Secretary, Aurangabad History Society

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Written by Dr. Bina Sengar

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