AHS 14th Heritage Walk: Rangeen Gate, Kala Darwaza, Naubat Darwaza


Aurangabad History Society 14th Heritage Walk
At Rangeen Gate (near Subedari Guest House), Kala Darwaza,Naubat Darwaza
Date:March 2018  Time: 8 am to 10 am
Meeting point :Rangeen Gate

Aurangabad History Society has invited all the Heritage Lovers to join the 14th Heritage Walk.
Dr.Dulari Qureshi and Rafat Qureshi will narrate the History and architecture of these historical sites
Aurangabad is known today as the ‘City of Gates’ and hence this walk will specially take the walkers around three gates and revive its historyNaubat Darwaza,Kala Darwaza and Rangeen gate are all part of Quil-e-Ark(Aurangzeb Palace)fortification gates.
Naubat Darwaza was the main entrance gate to the palace specially for the royalty and nobility.Its original name was Quil-e-Ark Darwaza. It does not have a gallery for the Naubat Darwaza. Kala Darwaza was an entrance gate for the army men as they lived just outside this gate. Rangeen gate was an entrance from the east. The fortification wall was in very good condition but was demolished to make road on either side of the gate.

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