AMC floated tender for nine MSW Processing unit

Aurangabad Municipal Corporation is planning for processing of the municipal solid waste.
One important part of processing is segregation of mixed waste. For segregation of municipal solid
waste AMC wants to install Screening Machines in all 09 administrative wards of AMC. The
capacity of Screening machine should be 16 TPD. It consists Screening machine and 03 conveyor
belts. One Conveyor Belt for feeding of Screening machine, Second Conveyor Belt will go to
Shredding machine and third Conveyor Belt will go to Baling machine. The Shredder machine
should be single shaft machine having capacity 10 TPD. The Shredder machine should consist
shredding conveyor and screw conveyor. The Baling machine should be hand lever operated
vertical type Baling machine. In all 09 administrative wards the combine unit of Screening,
Shredding and Baling machine has to be installed.
The bidder has to supply and install the machines also have to operate and maintain it for a
period of 10 years from the date of commissioning. The experienced manufactures and service
providers are eligible for this tender. The required eligibility criteria is attached with the tender.
The bidder should go thoroughly & give their offer in schedules attached herewith.

Download tender File
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The eligible Tenderer has to purchase the tender through website by paying
the tender fees. The bidders have to submit their tenders through Internet only. All technical details
have to be submitted by signing each & every page of the tender.
1. Tender should be submitted in two stages, Technical and commercial.
2. In technical bid documents required for eligibility criteria should be submitted with tender
form otherwise their commercial bid will not be opened.
3. Commercial bid will contain only price offer for supply, installation and O/M for 10 years
from the date of commissioning.

Setting up the Plant /Facility
1. As per the project requirement, AMC shall provide land to the bidders for setting up plant/ facility at locations in Aurangabad City. Depending upon the availability of space required for
setting up such facilities.
2. AMC shall be responsible for construction of a compound wall along with installation of fence on top of the compound wall, around the proposed land that will be handed over by AMC, as directed by AMC.
3. AMC shall construct a shed on the proposed land in such manner that all the working space shall get covered making it possible for operation to run in all seasons. Detailed working drawing of the plant/ facility should be approved from AMC before submitting the same for applying for various permissions.
4.Bidder shall also have to install vertical mechanical exhaust system (if required, which shall depend upon site conditions and AMC’s decision will be binding on bidder) to handle and properly ventilate the foul odour developed due to handling of waste and processing of waste.
5. Separate space for storage of all the by-products generated through the project shall not be provided by AMC. Arranging for such storage space shall be the complete responsibility of the bidder, either by making necessary arrangements at other location or by developing required space for temporary storage of by -products at the land handed over by AMC.

Ooeration and Maintenance :
1. The Contractor / Supplier will have to carry out compressive maintenance of the supplied goods including of manpower material etc. for the period of 10 years from the date of Commissioning.
2. AMC will supply the amount of mixed waste into the proposed plant/facility. Cost of transportation of such waste shall be borne by AMC.
3. AMC will have to get water connection and electricity connection for the plant facility based on its requirement. All prevailing rates for water supply and electricity shall be levied on the bidder and bidder shall be liable for payment of water supply and electricity bills on regular basis.
4. The entire operation and maintenance cost for operation of. the plant/ facility during the concession period shall have to be borne by the bidder.
5. On completion of 10 years period AMC will prepare performance report and based on the satisfactory performance of the bidder and also, if expected objectives are met with, AMC might extend the O & M contract for an additional period for 3 to 5 years.
6. Bidder will be fully responsible for carrying out operations of the plant/facility.
7. Necessary manpower will have to be provided by the bidder. Bidder will be fully responsible for payment in EPF, ESI and other facilities for the manpower engaged to this plant, as per Labour Act.
8. Bidder will have to keep record of waste brought to site by AMC and Waste processed
9. On completion of the project period, the bidder shall have to hand over the project to AMC in a good condition.
10. All NOCs, clearance, and permission shall be procured by the AMC.
11. The responsibility of the sale of the products and by-products generated as a result of the project shall rest with the bidder. AMC shall not have any responsibility in this matter whatsoever. AMC may at its discretion assist with the same’
12. After the successful completion of O/M period the Contractor will hand over all machinery in good and working condition with all details /specifications /operation manual /maintenance manual with training he Municipal Staff.
13. The tenderer will complete the installation of the machinery with all required civil work i.e. CC Block, RCC Structure etc.

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Written by Nikhil Bhalerao

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