ASCDCL floated tender for procurement of 100 Midi buses for Aurangabad city

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RFP is being issued by Aurangabad Smart City Development Corporation Limited (ASCDCL) or the  Authority” for inviting tenders for Design, Manufacture, Supply and Commissioning of Fully Built Diesel, Non-AC Midi 900 mm floor height buses as per UBS-II specification conforming to BS-IV emission norms as issued by Government of India and or on such terms and conditions as set out in this RFP document.

ASCDCL intends to procure 100 Non-AC, diesel 900 mm floor height Midi buses conforming to BS IV  mission norms and the relevant specifications as prescribed under the Urban Bus Specifications II (UBS II) issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), GoI, with provision of Annual  aintenance Contract (AMC) and additional Warranty for the ITS componenets (hereinafter the “Buses”).

The Aurangabad Municipal Corporation area spreads over 170 sq. km. and as per 2011 census houses a population of 11.75 lakh with 6.09 lakh males and 5.66 lakh females. The city has grown 20 times since 1951 and the decadal growth rate for 2001-2011 was about 34%, according to the Aurangabad Smart
City proposal. The city has emerged as a major industrial centre with four Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) developed areas spread over 3180 Ha in its vicinity. Often known as the tourism capital of Maharashtra, Aurangabad attracts thousands of domestic and foreign visitors.
However, limited availability of public transportation has turned out to be a major issue in recent years with the city relying primarily on personal motor vehicles and auto-rickshaws for their commuting requirements. There is thus a pressing need to augment the public transport infrastructure of Aurangabad, and the residents of the city chose the same to be taken up as part of the pancity component of the Aurangabad Smart City project during the public participation initiatives.

Up to 150 buses are expected to be procured and made operational in phases over the next two years as part of the Aurangabad Smart City project, in keeping with a proposal prepared by Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) concerning the operation of city bus service. The city buses may be a mix of mini-, midi-, and standard size buses compliant with Urban Bus Specifications (UBS) II. To support the city bus operation, ASCDCL intends to invest in ancillary infrastructure such as bus stops, depot space and infrastructure, Passenger Information System (PIS) and GPS tracking. The buses would be operated and maintained on Gross Cost Contract (GCC) basis where the operator would be paid for the service on the basis of operated kilometers with the authority retaining fare collection and revenue
from it. The city bus service would be operated provisionally under the aegis of Aurangabad Smart City Development Corporation Limited with the oversight of the ASCDCL board and its sub-committee on transport. In future, the city bus service project will be transferred to Aurangabad Municipal Transport (A.M.T.), to be constituted as part of Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) with regard to the relevant provisions of the Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act, 1949.

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