Aurangabad Airport Expansion issue

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Aurangabad Airport Expansion: Suggestion from

To attract International clients / investments in AURIC we need to expand Aurangabad airport. Expansion plan includes making the airport Code ‘E’ compliant i.e. lengthening the runway to make it 3.67 km long, making a full length parallel taxiway etc, to accommodate wide bodied aircraft and enable international operations. All this involves huge cost, 600 cr approx, including land acq. State govt is ready to provide only 200 cr. Where will the rest of the money come from?
One of the source could be DMIC. As Aurangabad has sacrificed with its precious resource i.e land, for DMIC project, investments by DMICDC in up-gradation of city infra on the lines of Dholera Gujarat, is not an unreasonable expectation.

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Other option could be expansion in phases. Phase I could involve lengthening of runway to 3.2 or 3.3 km and if budget permits could also include building a half length parallel taxiway on the north western side (CIDCO colonies, land req 20 to 22 acres approx). Further, if expansion of funnel & hold area is also included, it would another req 38 to 39 acres approx on the eastern side towards Jalna, most of which is without any construction and can be acq easily. All this is doable at minimum cost & within the allocated budget. In Phase II, full length parallel taxiway & extension of runway to 3.67km can be planned. Provision for which is already made in City Development Plan.

With Shirdi airport opening and expanding its runway further to 3.2km, Aurangabad airport could loose traffic in the short run. We need to plan, build & manage with the​ available​ resources just to stay in business.

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