Aurangabad has been identified by CREDAI & JLL as amongst top emerging cities of India.

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Aurangabad has been identified by CREDAI & JLL as amongst top emerging cities of India.
Are local administration and politicians aware of Aurangabad’s potential?

The 45 cities have been studied in depth, with data from government sources, public documents, government programmes, the Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) on infrastructure development projects and JLL Research, collated and analysed to create a composite scoring index.

The aim of this index is to identify the hidden gems in the country that have the template to emerge as new economic centres, driven by investments in infrastructure, adequate human capital and riding upon the growth of the manufacturing/ industrial and warehousing/logistics sectors. The resultant economic growth will create demand for residences and other allied support sectors.

As part of the methodology, JLL have shortlisted 12 key growth-related elements, which are further grouped into three main sub-indices:
Socio-economic momentum contains the parameters of a city’s per capita income, population, population growth and classification of the city as a capital city and it being part of the Smart City Initiative.

Enhanced Connectivity Infrastructure includes the study of the city’s accessibility through the Golden Quadrilateral/North-South Corridor/East-West Corridor/National Highways, the status of metro connectivity in the city and the status of airports (servicing local needs/international linkage/planned).

High-value incubators relate to the ability of the underlying attributes of a city to maintain momentum over the longer term supported by its current status in the
fields of education, current industry penetration, tourism destination impact, status of local ports, national/international ports/dry ports/Inland Container Depots and the presence of international standard sports stadium and facilities.

Quote from JLL report:
Aurangabad amongst Ten cities that have enough economic value to derive long-term benefits if emphasis is put towards improving infrastructure and the high-value incubator attributes (highlighted in ORANGE).

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