Bus Rapid Transport System (BRT) for Aurangabad

Considering the growing traffic on Jalna Road citykatta proposes a Bus Rapid Transport system from Baba Petrol Pump to Shendra AURIC City (DMIC).
BRT provides the perfect solution to city’s current & future public transport needs. Passenger traffic on our roads has to be made more efficient for the benefit of the common man and the middle class. Public transport is currently run by Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporations (MSRTC), which are neither profitable nor efficient. The services they provide are less than impressive, and they are unable to adjust to the different needs of public transport of Aurangabad.

With DMIC and many Infrastructure projects coming…more money in peoples pocket. Tax collection will improve. People will be willing to pay for such services 5-10yrs down the line. But planning for it is a must otherwise we will be in the same situation as we are now with Jalna road.
With the expansion of city both in southern as well as eastern direction, a BRT on north – south and east  – west axis of the city would help in solving the problem of Public transport & congestion to a great extent.

Two routes on north – south axis can be planned, both originating at Harsul, One taking Jalgaon road, Cidco Bus Stand, Mukundwadi railway station, Beed Bypass, Devlai area all the way to eastern wing of Bidkin DMIC. Second route, also originating from Harsul and passing through Delhi gate, Central Bus Stand, Railway station, Paithan road, all the way to Bidkin DMIC West.

The third and the most important one which will bring immediate relief to citizens is on the Jalna road from Baba Petrol Pump to Shendra DMIC. Its roughly around 24 km long route passing through central area of the city cutting it into two halves. Its an East – West route and presently carries maximum load of city traffic. It will bring closer important Commercial, Educational, Administrative and Transport hubs of the city and connect them to upcoming industrial, commercial hub of Shendra, where most of the future job opportunities will be available.

This third route should be taken on priority basis by AMC in partnership of DMIC and NHAI (which is funding the reconstruction of Jalna road). If Jalna road is reconstructed/re-laid without building a BRT or at least making a provision for it, then it would be great opportunity lost. Funding can be arranged from various sources like Central Govt, State Govt, Smart city project & DMIC itself. The project can be extended up to Walju with CIDCO’s support/contribution.

Aurangabd’s contribution in the form of making vast parcel of land available for DMIC – HASSLE Free – is known to all. Nowhere in India has a district voluntarily given such large parcle of land without protests or agitation. The City & District has Welcomed DMIC with open arms, helping Central & State Govt realise its Make in India, Make in Maharashtra Dream. DMIC has undertaken to build Airport, metro lines, water, power and other infra projects in various other states/nodes under implementation.

A 24 km route on Jalna road at  Rs. 15 crores  per Km will cost just Rs. 360  crores.  Surat has planned 30 km of BRT in phase I while Hubli – Dharwad has 22km under phase-I at the above mentioned cost.

The Bus system in Bhopal is operated on Public private partnership model. The concept was based on setting up of a SPV as a public limited company, which clearly demarcated the role of the market and
the Government. Accordingly “Bhopal city link limited” (BCLL) was set up with Bhopal Municipal Corporation and Bhopal Development Authority as stake holders. The management of the company was entrusted to the Board of Directors headed by Collector

Therefore it would be fair enough on part of citizens of Aurangabad to ask for an upgradation in city’s Public Transport System. ‘Itna to banta hai na’.

What do you think?

Written by Nikhil Bhalerao

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