COVID – 19 Lockdown Brings Down Air and Noise Pollution In Aurangabad

Aurangabad city has seen sharp decline in Air and Noise pollution figures in during the lockdown period. The dashboard available with the ASCDCL, showed a sharp decline during the lockdowon period. The data recorded from Jan 2020 to April 2020 clearly gives the idea of positive impact of lock-down on Air and Noise pollution of the city.
Aurangabad Smart City Development Corporation Ltd. (ASCDCL), the special purpose vehicle formed for the implementation of the Smart City project in Aurangabad, has hired KEC International Ltd. for the master system integrator (MSI) project. The data recorded by ASCDCL is well within the limits of CPCB standards. Below are the details of PM10, PM2.5, AQI, Noise , and Temperature recorded at ASCDCL dashboard during the month of Jan 2020 and April 2020 

PM10 (ug/m3)
Resuspended road dust and construction dust are major PM10 contributors. With limited traffic, road dust is under control, and with a complete ban on construction activities, the overall PM10 level has dropped to its lowest day-wise average, at 22μg/m3.  For Jan 2020, the monthly average PM10 level in Aurangabad was 87 μg/m3

Month Max PM10  Min PM10  Avg PM10
Apr-20 56.33662 9.260841 22.55323
Mar-20 72.37348 4.296873 19.66755
Feb-20 148.6386 8.322354 35.55117
Jan-20 281.2853 21.54934 87.84349

PM2.5 (ug/m3)
PM2.5 is the critical pollutant of Aurangabad, and the rest of India. During the winter haze, this graph is permanently shaded red or brown ( Max 251 ug/m3 was recorded in Jan 2020), Before the lockdown, the high winds of spring had already lowered the PM2.5 levels. After the lockdown began, the lowest daily average was 8.77μg/m3, with an average of 19μg/m3. The main contributor to PM2.5 is combustion. With most local activities at a minimum, what we are seeing is the background baseline concentration.

Month Max PM 2.5  Min PM 2.5  Avg PM 2.5
Apr-20 51.60656 8.772138 19.22175
Mar-20 66.58615 3.916809 16.8508
Feb-20 136.4069 7.860717 30.81322
Jan-20 251.2428 19.72242 78.26912
AQI (as it is; it is an index)

Month Max AQI  Min AQI  Avg AQI
Apr-20 380.6816 29.38775 95.37608
Mar-20 500 29.38775 73.23743
Feb-20 500 29.38775 114.21
Jan-20 500 40.07916 297.7049


Sound (dBA)
Month Max noise  Min noise  Avg noise
Apr-20 60.26411 35.5511 43.23052
Mar-20 69.79155 0 51.20129
Feb-20 74.59679 37.3088 53.82634
Jan-20 69.3109 0 53.70229
Max/ Min Temperature:
Month Max temperature  Min temperature  Avg temperature
Apr-20 40.57951 24.15547 30.6421
Mar-20 41.47405 14.7416 28.78124
Feb-20 37.10343 17.42324 26.52012
Jan-20 33.50325 14.52159 23.31626

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Written by Nikhil Bhalerao

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