Fire breaks out at Manik Hospital in Aurangabad

A fire broke out at  Manik Hospital in Aurangabad on Monday, prompting a frantic evacuation of patients.

While no loss of life was reported, a few patients endured suffocation owing to the billowing plumes of smoke, said medical sources.

The blaze occurred in the basement of the Manik Hospital and Research Center in Aurangabad city between 11:00 and 11: 30 a.m. Within minutes of the blaze, plumes of smoke were seen rising up to the first floor and threatened to engulf the hospital building. It was brought under control within an hour, said fire department sources.

“All 33 patients undergoing treatment on the first floor were swiftly evacuated to nearby city hospitals. Some of them were in a critical condition, on ventilators. But the evacuation process, through corridors and stairways, was smooth and rapid and precluded any adverse situation’, said one of the doctor of manik Hospital

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