Heritage Talk at Delhi Gate, Rauza Bagh on March 17

The Heritage Group of Aurangabad announces “A Heritage Talk ” (first of its kind ) at Delhi gate on Sunday, the 17th of March 2019 at 7 am.
Heritage TALK will focus on “Rauza Bagh” the garden of tombs , a 17th century monument in the premises of Azad college. The Rauza contains the tomb of peer Ismail khan also known as Islam khan Mashadi. He was the subedaar of Deccan between 1645 to 1647.
Mashadi was the first subedaar to transfer his residence from Daulatabad to Aurangabad for which he selected the picturesque area near Himayar bagh and the Khizar lake (present Salim ali sarovar). When Aurangzeb returned as subedar the second time in 1652 he too followed Ismail khan ,s foot steps and shifted not only his resiedence but also the capital of Deccan from Daulatabad to Aurangabad. The chief attraction of Rauza bagh is the Baara dari (ienclosed within is the tomb of Ismail khan) With a chaar bagh around it.It is fortified with high walls surmounted by burj on its four corners. Besides the Baradari the other monuments are the Bangla, a Masjid, a majestic and exquisite gate with stables all around it. It once was a gate leading to the palace of Ismail Khan Mashadi but now stands ruined on its outskirts.

Heritage Talk : Delhi Gate, Rauza Bagh
Sunday | 17th March 2019 | 7 am
Meeting Point : Delhi Gate.

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