Jalna Road, Beed bypass Photos and Salient features.


Jalna Road, Beed bypass Tendering work likely to start from Q1 2018, Fund allocation for Jalna road project is expected in budget FY 2018-19.

Pics & Salient features of Project

The Concessionaire shall construct the Project Facilities in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. Such Project Facilities shall include for both project corridors

Pedestrian facilities;
Street Lighting;
Passenger shelters;
Traffic Aid Posts;
Medical Aid Posts;
Vehicle Rescue Posts;
Telecom System;
Operation and Maintenance Centre;
Roadside furniture;
Landscaping and tree plantation;

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Project Facilities for Six-Laning with service roads and Four Lanning
(a) Cambridge School to Nagarnaka including flyover at. chikhalthana,Akashwani Chowk,Ameerpeet chowk &Nagarnaka in Aurangabad city
(b) Zalta Phata (km 292.400) to Mahanubhav chowk (km 305.400) in Beed

Bypass & Connecting links for the Aurangabad city to Propose Aurangabad bypass with ROBs at Mukundwadi and Devlai Chowk

a. High mast lighting :Provide High mast lighting at all major junctions as mention in schedules B.
b) Street lighting: Provide Street lighting with solar pannel for service road/Slip Road and main carriageway

Bus Shelters
(a) Cambridge School to Nagarnaka including flyover at. chikhalthana,Akashwani Chowk,Ameerpeet chowk &Nagarnaka in Aurangabad city
Proposed Location
1 Nagar Naka
2 Holy Cross School
3 Baba Petrol Pump
4 Old High Court
5 Kranti Chowk
6 Dudh Dairy/Amarpreet Chowk
7 CADA Irrigation Office
8 SFS School
9 Seven Hill Junction
10 High Court Aurangabad
11 CIDCO Bust Stand
12 Mukundawadi Junction
13 Dhoot Hospital
14 Mini Ghati Government Hospital
15 Chikaltana
16 Cambridge School
Total no of bus shelters= 2 x 16 = 32 nos.

Roadside furniture
Traffic Signs: Traffic signs include roadside signs, overhead signs, glare cut offs and curb mounted signs along the entire Project Highway.

Overhead signs: Minimum 22 Nos gantry and 22 no cantilever gantry
Pavement Markings: Pavement markings shall cover road marking for the entire Project Highway.
LED Traffic Beacons: shall be provided for the entire Project Highway at all junctions.

Crash barrier:
Provide the w metal beam crash barrier along the project highway at the location specified below:
1. 150m both sides of all major bridges.
2. 50m both sides of all minor bridges.
3. Embankment of height >3.0m sections
4. Sharp curves <450m radius

MS Railing:
MS Railing shall be provided at all major junctions, bus bays & Truck lay-bys.
Delineates and studs: shall be provided for the entire Project Highway.
Boundary stones: shall be provided for the entire Project Highway

CCTV along with Cameras shall be provided as per codes

Solar Paneling with net meter

Landscaping and tree plantation

The landscaping and tree plantation shall be done as per IRC- SP: 21 and IRC: SP 87-2013 include the provision of the;

Median Plantation: at locations where the median width is 2.5m and more Landscaping: at Service area, Bus Shelters.
Avenue tree plantation to the extent of number and species as decided by Environmental / Forest authorities for the entire Project Highway.

Courtesy : Dhiraj Deshmukh

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