MSRTC invites RFP for Redevelopment of Bus Port at CIDCO


MSRTC proposes to redevelop some of its bus terminals with private sector participation, with an objective to provide quality focused infrastructure facilities with enhanced services and amenities to meet the current & future needs of commuters. The transportation facilities would include bus terminals with passenger amenities, integrated bus maintenance depots and offices for MSRTC. MSRTC has decided to undertake the Redevelopment of bus port with commercial facilities at Aurangabad in Aurangabad District (the “Project”) through Public Sector Participation (PSP) on Design, Build, Finance, Transfer and Lease (the “DBFTL”) basis. The redevelopment of bus port at Aurangabad will include development of MSRTC facilities which includes bus station, depot with sub- structures and commercial facilities which could include retail, offices, multiplex etc. MSRTC has decided to carry out the bidding process for selection of the Bidder to whom the Project may be awarded in accordance with the procedure set out herein. The estimated cost of entire Project works out to be approximately Rs.120 crores.

Project Details:
Existing plot admeasuring about 32825 Sq. meters under use of Bus station & S.T. establishment at Aurangabad, have been identified and earmarked at the above location for this Project. Built-up areas of 16,412.05 sq.m. for MSRTC Facilities is required by MSRTC for it`s bonafide use and total 1.00 FSI for commercial use i.e 32,825 Sq.m (including retail shops under MSRTC Facilities area) would be available for marketing to prospective occupiers.

The scope of work will broadly include –
The Project envisages construction of the bus station, depot with sub-structures and associated facilities for the use of MSRTC, free of cost and encumbrances; and commercial utilization of the part of its land MSRTC’s investment in the Project will be only in the form of land without any financial liability whatsoever. The project includes the following aspects;
• construction of modern bus port (bus terminal, depot with sub-structures) for commuters and MSRTC staff and handover of the same to MSRTC upon completion of construction, free of cost;
• development and construction of commercial facilities and upon completion of lease period handover the same to MSRTC, free of cost; and
• Comprehensive operation, maintenance and cleanliness of Project Facilities (MSRTC Facilities + Commercial Facilities) under a long term Agreement and subsequent handover of the same to MSRTC.

Tender is available on ; Last date to submit bid is 15th June 2019

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