New Train from Nanded to Mumbai and its effective utilisation.


New Train from Nanded and its effective utilisation.
Timetable of proposed new train seems to be inconvenient to people of Aurangabad.
Our suggestion : Swap the timing of the new train with that of Nandigram or Devgari express.

IR is planning to introduce a new train of 22 coaches to Mumbai from Nanded. This new train will benefit Marathwada the most and is designed to carry most of its passengers from Marathwada to Mumbai.
However there is some issue about its timing with news report suggesting that it will depart from Nanded at 10pm, reach Aurangabad by 2am and arrive at Mumbai by 10am.

The timing of 11:30 pm and 2am may not be suitable to the people of the region for whose benefit it is planned. Beyond Parbhani the train may be passing through Marathwada at midnight which is not a convenient time for travel for semi urban regions.

Nandigram and Devgari originates from Nagpur and Hyderabad resp. These trains cover a fair amount of distance and are already capacity wise saturated when they enter Marathwada. Therefore people of Marathwada cannot take full benefit from these trains due to their inherent limitations.

It’s our suggestion that for the people of Marathwada to benefit the most from the proposed new train, its timing should be swapped with the timings of either Nandigram or Devgari express. The new train should cover entire Marathwada region before midnight and reach Mumbai at dawn. Similarly it should commence its return journey from Mumbai at 10 or 11pm and should reach Aurangabad at about 5am. Thus the train will cover entire Marathwada by 10am (reaching Nanded).

This way the proposed 22 coaches can be utilised for the benefit of Aurangabad in particular and Marathwada (Godavari Valley) as a whole. Public opinion and pressure should be built up to make effective changes in railway timetable for the benefit of the people and the region.

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