Railway should add Vistadome coach to Mumbai- Jalna Janshatabdi


We request the Hon’ble Railway Minister Piyush Goyal to add Vistadome coach to Jalna Janshatabdi because of the following reasons :

1. As Goa and Jalna Jan Shatabdi express trains share same coaches adding Vistadome coach will be easy.
2. Aurangabad being the tourism capital of Maharashtra, adding Vistadome coach on this route makes sense.
3. Also the train passes through the environmentally important and bio diverse Western ghats which during the rainy season turns into a lush green paradise offering scenic view to passengers.
4. With the upcoming DMIC project in Aurangabad, premium executive class will be in demand.

(In video: Vistadome coach on Mumbai – Goa route)

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