RFQ cum RFP documents for appointment of Master System Integrator for AURIC-Bidkin Phase 1



The paradigm shift towards modern cities includes a strong need to have integrated and connected infrastructure with a focus on citizen-centric services. The overall vision of AURIC includes positioning of Information & Communications Technology (ICT) as the key enabler to integrate various functions of the city development and operations, provide advanced and affordable services to the citizens along with efficient governance and management of the city operations. ICT will enable creation of a sustainable eco-system of the government, industries/businesses, social infrastructure with an overall citizen-centric development. It will enable AITL to be an efficient and tech-savvy organization that will truly leverage ICT for its operations and decision making. ICT will cultivate the development of a digital and connected city which ultimately helps in promoting and sustaining economic growth and development. An illustration of the systems that are envisaged as part of the project is presented in Exhibit 1 below:

Exhibit 1: Smart City ICT Components

AITL intends to implement a greenfield industrial smart city called AURIC. As one of the key initiatives for realizing this vision, AITL plans to implement a state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure along with various components for Bidkin area of AURIC as part of this Project. At the centre of the Project is the AURIC Control Centre (ACC), present in Shendra, which will be the nerve centre for the city. This ACC will be common for both Shendra and Bidkin areas of AURIC. A temporary and back-up control centre called Mini Control Centre (MCC) will be implemented in Bidkin which shall be integrated with ACC. All applications and sensors installed as part of AURIC will be integrated at the ACC and will be monitored/controlled from this common location. The ACC will interface with all end-devices and applications including at field level and at the user level. It will be the location from where the city will be operated and managed in terms of the infrastructure, critical systems and operations. All components that will be integrated at the MCC will communicate to the ACC using either wired or wireless communications. All Bidkin specific components will also be integrated with MCC from where, the feed will go to ACC in Shendra for centralized monitoring and control. The wired communications i.e. for the field devices and sensors will be over a purposeful-built fibre optic based infrastructure which will be deployed throughout the Project area. The fibre optic infrastructure will be used to meet both AITL needs and non-AITL needs i.e. tenants of AITL. It is desired that with this Project, an overall Fibre-to-the-X (FTTX) architecture is implemented for all field device connectivity and for connectivity to every plot. The wireless communications on the other hand will include purposeful built wireless network such as M2M communications for some field applications like utilities or will be realized using the city Wi-Fi network. The city Wi-Fi network will be deployed throughout the public areas of Bidkin and will be used to enable broadband to be accessible, affordable and available for the citizens. For applications such as e-governance, the citizen will use either the city Wi-Fi service or AITL’s multi-services digital kiosks, or may use the respective connectivity from the respective Internet service provider.

A smart city also includes the concept of safe city. AITL also plans to implement proactive CCTV surveillance system that will be used to monitor the city and its assets. In addition, automatic traffic counters and classifiers will be implemented at all entry and exit points of Bidkin Phase-1 to monitor traffic flows and other parameters. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras will also be implemented to monitor the number plates of vehicles travelling inside Bidkin in order to notify relevant authorities in case a hot-listed vehicle travels through the city premises. Environmental sensors will also be implemented at strategic locations for monitoring various parameters such as pollutant levels which will enable AITL to continuously track the environmental impact of the city.

A summary of the Project components that shall be implemented by the MSI as part of this Project are presented below:RFQ cum RFP
This RFQ cum RFP is for the appointment of a Master System Integrator (MSI) that shall be responsible for supply, implementation, integration, operations and maintenance of smart city ICT components for Bidkin Phase-1 area of AURIC (Project). The MSI shall be responsible for complete turnkey of the system including the design, supply, installation, testing, integration, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the components that are being provided as part of this Project. In addition, it is also envisaged that MSI for AURIC-Bidkin to work in coordination with the MSI of AURIC-Shendra in order to integrate various services of AURIC-Bidkin with the Control Centre in AURIC-Shendra known as AURIC Control Centre (ACC). ACC will act as the common command and control centre for both – Shendra and Bidkin.

Multiple e-governance services are being implemented for AURIC as part of AURIC-Shendra MSI project and AITL aims to provide 100% of citizen services online. The backend of the e-governance system and the backbone for AITL operations will be an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that will be primarily used by AITL for operating and managing the city. ERP system and e-Governance will be the one common system for Shendra and Bidkin and will be used by AITL for all activities required as part of the operations and management of AURIC. Bidkin MSI shall work in coordination with the Shendra MSI to integrate and develop all necessary functionalities which are required as part of Bidkin e-Governance and ERP.

Tender document available on AITL website

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