Tender floated for Door to Door Collection and Transportation of Municipal Solid Waste up to Processing Plant / Disposal Site in AMC

Door to Door Collection and Transportation of Municipal Solid Waste up to Processing Plant / Disposal Site in Aurangabad Municipal Corporation

Aurangabad Municipal Corporation is keen on substantially improving the quality of service delivery of Municipal waste management activities in the AMC area and wishes to seek private sector participation for collection and transportation of MSW. The Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Aurangabad has invited online bids for daily door to door collection, secondary collection and transportation of Municipal Solid Waste from all houses, institutions, offices and commercial establishments in the service area as per Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016.

Aurangabad Municipal Corporation has an objective of providing Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM) services including Door to Door collection and transportation of Municipal solid waste generated in the city.

Aurangabad Municipal Corporation shall carry out the bid process for selection of Successful Bidder. Accordingly, Aurangabad Municipal Corporation intends to select the suitable operator who will be eligible to undertake Door To Door Collection and Transportation of Municipal Solid Waste up to Processing Plant / Disposal point in Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (“Project”).


Context of the project

For the purpose of collection and transportation of MSW, the municipal area of Aurangabad Municipal Corporation has been divided into 09 Zones. Brief particulars of the all the 115 wards are as follows: The proposed project will be applicable for all the Wards of Aurangabad Municipal Corporation.

The Agency/ Operator will have to collect and transport the waste from all the wards in the city.

• Agency/ Operator will have to collect and transport around 25% of the total waste to Decentralized processing sites within the allotted wards/zones and 75% to centralized processing facility of allotted to that package till the decentralize sites are ready, the agency will move entire waste to the allotted centralized site.

• The Selected Bidder will undertake Door-to-Door collection and transportation of MSW generated in all Wards of Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) up to Disposal point as specified by Aurangabad Municipal Corporation.

• The various components of proposed project are based on the mandatory requirement as specified in the SWM Rules 2016.

• These packages have been divided as per the present conditions. Since it is a long term contract the Commissioner AMC may change/interchange the area or wards in the package for better efficiency or ease of working. The Agency/ Operators shall be bound to follow the instructions given by the Commissioner AMC.

• The Bidder shall be responsible for design, operate & maintain the system for MSW door-to-door collection and transportation in the project area in line with project implementation and operations plan under and in accordance with the provisions of an agreement (the “Agreement”) to be entered into between the Bidder and Aurangabad Municipal Corporation as part of the Bidding Documents pursuant hereto.

• The Proposals would be evaluated on the basis of the Eligibility criteria set out in this RFP Document in order to identify the Successful Bidder for the Project (“Successful Bidder”). The Successful Bidder will then enter into the Agreement with the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation and perform the obligations as stipulated there in, in respect of the Project.

• The statements and explanations contained in this RFP are intended to provide a better understanding to the prospective Bidders about the subject matter of this RFP and should not be construed or interpreted as limiting in any way or manner the scope of services and obligations of the bidder set forth in the Agreement or the Municipal Commissioner rights to amend, alter, change, supplement or clarify the scope of work. Consequently, any omissions, conflicts or contradictions in the Bidding Documents including this RFP are to be noted, interpreted and applied appropriately to give effect to this intent, and no claims on that account shall be entertained by the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation.

• Aurangabad Municipal Corporation shall receive Bids pursuant to this RFP in accordance with the terms set forth in this RFP and other documents to be provided by Aurangabad Municipal Corporation pursuant to this RFP, as modified, altered, amended and clarified from time to time by Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (collectively the “Bidding Documents”), and all Bids shall be prepared and submitted in accordance with such terms on or before the date specified in Clause 1.5.6 for submission of Bids (the “Bid Due Date”).

The Project

The Project Objective
The purpose of this Project is to create an efficient and effective collection and transportation system for MSW Aurangabad Municipal Corporation. The main objectives of the project are:

• To facilitate the system for Collection and transportation of MSW into two/three categories – Biodegradable MSW, and Recyclables and Non-biodegradable MSW and domestic Hazardous waste.

• Adherence to the SWM Rule 2016 and its subsequent Amendments.

• Minimizing displacement of existing formal and informal workers.

• To improve the people’s attitudes to and perceptions of solid waste problems and their capacity to participate in solid waste management

• To find solutions for waste management through community participation

• Establishing environmentally and economically sustainable waste management systems

• To ensure that lessons learned provide useful inputs in designing the overall strategy for the city

• As per SWM Rule 2016, the segregation is the responsibility of generator, however the successful bidder shall be engaged in conducting awareness program for public for minimization and segregation of Waste. 

Scope of the Project
The scope of the project includes the following but not limited to:

1. Door to door collection of MSW from residential, slums, vegetable/ fruit markets, slaughter house, fish/ chicken/ mutton shops, commercial, institutional, gardens, industrial area, open dumping points, hotels, public places and any other areas not excluded elsewhere in this document from project area of AMC as defined in SWM Rule 2016 in AMC area. In residential area collection will be done from all the household atleast once a day.

2. Collection and transportation of MSW up to processing plant / Disposal point in Aurangabad Municipal Corporation as per the guidelines given by Municipal Commissioner. The successful bidder will arrange for the collection of MSW from door to door in such a way that it’ll be taking from the rickshaw trolley/auto tipper to tractor/compactor without touching the ground any time.

3. Agency/ Operator will have to collect and transport 25% of the total waste to Decentralized processing sites within the allotted wards/zones and 75% to centralized processing facility of allotted to that package. However, till decentralized sites are ready agency will transport entire waste to centralized sites.

4. It shall be the duty of Agency/ Operator to collect segregated waste. The Agency/ Operator shall collect and transport at least 60% segregated waste during 1st quarter of operation, at least 80% segregated waste during 2nd quarter of operation, at least 90% segregated waste during 3rd quarter of operation and 100% segregated waste in 4th quarter of operation. The Agency/ Operator with help of AMC shall conduct awareness campaign among the citizens to achieve the segregation levels.

5. The successful bidder will have to deploy sufficient manpower as necessary for door to door collection and other required operation and upon the direction of Municipal Commissioner will increase the number as much as directed. The Agency/ Operator shall deploy at least 2 manpower (1 driver + 1 helper) on small four wheeler tippers

One manpower on each hand cart, 4 manpower (1 driver + 3 helper) on each big waste carrying vehicles like dumpers/compactors/hook loaders.

6. The Agency/ Operator shall have to provide 1 supervisor per ward to communicate with the authorities and local residents. The Agency/ Operator shall have to provide 1 manager per Zone to communicate with the authorities and local residents. The Agency/ Operator shall have to provide 1 senior most manager in the city to communicate with the authorities.

7. For the operation of the project ward will be the most important unit. The Agency/ Operator had to do Door to Door collection from each ward. For awareness generation successful bidder will also form community organization (C.O.) of active people in the ward for each ward and will take suggestion from the CO and will also act upon the suggestion.

8. Removal of waste from the Project Area prior and/or after, in an emergency situation of the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation such as any public meeting, Government functions and any other occasion festivals etc., or during the night timings on instructions from Aurangabad Municipal Corporation within 2 (two) hours on receipt of instructions.

9. Collection of street waste swept and deposited at collection points by Sweeping Labour to the secondary point in that zone and Finally Transportation to the Disposal site.

10. Provide separate and dedicated agency shall transportation of waste generated from vegetable/ fruit markets and fish markets/chicken shops/ slaughter house and commercial institutions and provide such separate fleet in various area and other Religious Places. Waste from such market (commercial area) shall be collected atleast twice a day.

11. The Agency/ Operator is not allowed to sell and recyclables from the collected waste. All the waste once collected should be unloaded to the predecided processing plant site or disposal point.

12. Collection of Waste recovered from storm water drains and sewage lines cleaning as and when instructed by Municipal Commissioner or his representative.

13. Deployment of all Manpower to be ensured for collection and transportation of Waste including the key personnel for the management and supervision of all Project-related activities. This would include the designation of suitably qualified personnel for areas such as contract administration and supervision, safety, environmental management and equipment maintenance, procurement, materials management and quality control.

14. It is responsibility of selected bidder to assess the requirement of man power for 100% collection and Transportation MSW every day.

15. Providing other facilities stated in the Agreement including manpower for monitoring and grievance redressal, washing service and facilities for labour like gloves and uniforms.

16. Bear all cost of fuel, vehicle maintenance including breakdowns, deploying manpower required for operating and managing the Project. Infrastructure Development and furnishing of Workshop and Parking Space to be ensured. Arrangement of necessary infrastructure/ spare parts etc. and manpower for the purpose of regular maintenance of the vehicles, machinery & equipment etc. to be carried out.

17. Procurement of Equipment/Machinery: Procurement, installation and testing of vehicles and equipment within the stipulated time period. Not limited to but Minimum Machinery and Vehicle Require for Door to Door Collection and Transportation of Municipal Solid Waste.

18. AMC has following vehicles that are use the agency can inspect those vehicles with documents and bring them use by making necessary modification complete with the MSW rules 2016.

Type of vehicles Number of vehicles/containers to be provided by AMC
Three wheeler auto tippers 50
Four wheeler Auto Tippers 58
Skip loaders 7 vehicles and 60 bins
Hook loader 6 vehicles and 42 bins



19. The agency has to provide minimum the following vehicles for C&T, vehicles have partition and closed for separate collection according to MSW rule 2016 and SBM guidelines.
20. After LoA, the bidder has to submit proof of procurement/availability of requisite vehicle to the AMC within 15 days only. Then the workorder will be issued only after submission of such proof. He will also submit performance security along with this proof. All vehicles provided by contractor should be new and registration after 1st July 2017.

S. No. Type of vehicles Manpower No. of vehicle (Minimum)
1 Hand cart 1 150
2 Cycle Rickshaw 1 40
3 Auto Tipper ( 4 wheeler)

(Reputed company such asTATA, Ashok Leyland, Eicher etc)

2 (1 driver+ 1 helper) 550
4 Tempo With Hydraulic jack 5 (1 driver+ 4 helper) 44
5 Compactor (18 Cum Capacity) 3 (1 driver+ 2 helper) 9
6 Excavator 2 (1 driver+ 1 helper) As per requirement
7 Other machinery As required As per requirement


21. The successful bidder will follow labour laws, the minimum wages act and other applicable laws.

22. Will comply with directions given by Municipal Commissioner time to time.

23. The Successful bidder has to carry out their duty 365 days throughout the year for Seven years. The manpower can be given cyclic holidays to workers and Agency/ Operator should have enough manpower for replacements and absentees. If performance of the agency is satisfactory, then the contract can be extended for 3 more years.

24. The Agency/ Operator’s workers will work in proper dress/uniform with duly attested ID Card. In case worker found without uniform and ID card then Agency/ Operator will be fined for Rs.100 /- per day per worker.

25. In case of non-performance of work for more than a day then Agency/ Operator will be fined of Rs. 20,000 per day. If Agency/ Operator’s workers don’t perform their duty continuously for 15 days then Municipal Commissioner has the right to seize the performance security and right to cancel the agreement if required.

26. Agency/ Operator will also collect the heap of MSW and drain cleaning made by street sweeper or drain cleaners on the road side after sweeping the road.

27. Agency/ Operator will make effort that all containers in the residential area are removed gradually because those containers will be of no use after the implementation of the no container plan.

28. Waste (garbage, dry leaves) should not be burnt. Otherwise penalty of Rs. 1000 per incidence shall be levied.

29. All vehicles should be closed & properly covered. In case of open vehicles Rs. 1000 per vehicle per day shall be levied.

30. The Operation of weigh bridge at disposal site is done by AMC.

31. GPS system on each vehicle and Control Room should be installed by successful bidder and he has to provide the access to AMC officials.

32. The successful bidder should install Necessary monitoring system to the requirements of AMC in control room for regular monitoring of MSW collection and Transportation. No extra payment will be done to the Agency/ Operator for these monitoring system. Any manipulating in this online system will not be accepted.

33. Agency/ Operator shall ensure that the Project meets stipulated pollution norms and guidelines and that MSW is handled and managed in compliance with the SWM Rule 2016 or its subsequent amendments and the guidelines of the manual on solid waste management published by CPHEEO, MoUD.

34. All these activities shall be done in compliance with the Government of India’s SWM Rule 2016 and in accordance with performance standards and output specifications prescribed in the Contract Agreement.

35. The contract does not includes street sweeping, drain and domestic cleaning, Commercial biomedical waste, Construction and debris waste. Domestic hazardous material will also have to be collected separately and handed over to concerned Bio-medical waste operator.

36. The agency should collect all MSW within the Municipal limit of AMC as per Swachhta Survekshan Guideline.


Execution of the Project
Agency/ Operator shall provide all required vehicles in good condition which are newly purchased and registered after 1st July 2017. Successful bidder will have liberty to purchase new vehicles within period of two months from the date of Contract Agreement.

In any case, mobilization advance will not be given to Successful bidder from Aurangabad Municipal Corporation. The Agency/ Operator shall within 15 days from the date of execution of the Contract Agreement submit work program including following details to the Commissioner in writing and obtain prior approval thereto of the Municipal Commissioner before starting the work.

• Vehicle purchasing and deployment
• Ward wise waste collection schedule along with resource allocation
• Details of Installation of GPS system and Control room

The Municipal Commissioner shall review the details submitted by Agency/ Operator and communicate within 15 days its approval from the date of receipt of the same.

In event the Municipal Commissioner has any objection/ observations to the details submitted by the Agency/ Operator, it shall be promptly and without any undue delay notify by the Agency/ Operator of its objections, seek clarifications or suggest changes or modifications or corrections thereto. Thereupon, the Agency/ Operator shall provide necessary clarifications to the Commissioner and/ or resubmit the details as the case may be, after incorporating the changes, modifications or corrections suggested by the Municipal Commissioner.

The Agency/ Operator shall not be entitled to any extension of time for execution of work or any other relief on account of delay caused due to providing any clarifications or in resubmitting information requested by the Engineer.

The Agency/ Operator shall not change any schedule of collection, transportation of waste, road sweeping, drain cleaning etc. approved by the Commissioner without prior written consent of the Commissioner.

Vehicles & Equipment
The successful bidder shall design the door-to-door collection and transportation in line with project execution; implementation and operations plan under and in accordance with the provisions of an agreement (the “Contract Agreement”) and procure all vehicles, bins and equipment’s as per the design and plan. Maintenance of all these will be made by Agency/ Operator on his own cost.

The Successful Bidder shall inter alia deploy manpower and operate and manage the ‘Door to Door collection and transportation of MSW up to disposal Site in Aurangabad Municipal Corporation and bear all cost of operation and maintenance of the proposed/procured vehicle, equipment’s and bins during the Agreement Period. The Bidder will also provide a uniform to its all deployed manpower according to the direction of the Municipal Commissioner.


Download Tender: [wpdm_package id=’4388′]

Tender Details:

Title NOTICE INVITING TENDER for Proposal For Selection of Operators for Door to Door Collection and Transportation of Municipal Solid Waste up to Processing Plant / Disposal Site in Aurangabad Municipal Corporation
Work Description NOTICE INVITING TENDER for Proposal For Selection of Operators for Door to Door Collection and Transportation of Municipal Solid Waste up to Processing Plant / Disposal Site in Aurangabad Municipal Corporation
Pre Qualification Please refer Tender documents.
Independent External Monitor NA
Tender Value in ₹ 0.00 Product Category Miscellaneous Services Sub category NA
Contract Type Tender Bid Validity(Days) 180 Period Of Work(Days) 120
Pre Bid Meeting Address OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER, TOWN HALL, AURANGABAD Pre Bid Meeting Date 26-Jun-2018 11:00 AM Bid Opening Place TOWN HALL, AURANGABAD
Published Date 14-Jun-2018 05:45 PM Bid Opening Date 26-Jul-2018 11:00 AM
Document Download / Sale Start Date 14-Jun-2018 05:45 PM Document Download / Sale End Date 24-Jul-2018 05:30 PM
Clarification Start Date NA Clarification End Date NA
Bid Submission Start Date 14-Jun-2018 05:45 PM Bid Submission End Date 24-Jul-2018 05:30 PM

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