Young Business Leadership Forum inaugurated on 21st April at the hands of Hon.Shri Suresh Prabhu

CMIA Past President, Mr. Milind Kank, mentor of this initiative, briefed the aim to announce this unique initiative YBLF and its importance in view of activating the next generation entrepreneurs of family owned businesses run by them.


Young Business Leadership Forum inaugurated on 21st April at the hands of Hon. Shri Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Civil Aviation, Commerce and Industry, Govt.of India in Aurangabad. On this  occasion he said,  “I am proud to be here to announce a unique initiative of YBLF. Entrepreneurship which is in our DNA as we were the leading global businesses till we have a hit of invaders and specially British empire. Wealth creation is our fundamental right, and we know how to execute it well. Our generation has really worked hard to give stability to the industries ,and nation at a large”.

He further explained the growth of Indian economy to 5 trillion dollars in next 7 years giving tremendous opportunities for the businesses and services.

These businesses shall be with right technologies at right time and right price. As  entrepreneur we shall develop competency to amortize such cost in a fastest time as shelf life of such technologies may be small. He emphasized on speed of decision making in the businesses. No relaxing at any point of time. Go to many places ,connect with people to understand the need of the market. Technologies are such that information is available in seconds hence your business, products shall be competitive enough globaly though you are located in local markets.

Next generation is intelligent enough and ambitious enough to take advantage of the situation. Their aspirations are certainly not LOCAL, they wish to grow exponential in a GLOBAL market. On one side we are encouraging young talent to work on INNOVATION and create startups and standups. We must on other side encourage family owned businesses to facilitate for these young minds to think beyond boundaries and create wealth for self and nation. Hence these platforms  to nurture and celebrate spirit of entrepreneurship will play a vital role in building nation.

On this occasion CMIA President, Mr.Prasad Kokil, Past President, Mr.Ram Bhogale, Mr.Milind Kank, Mr.Mukund Kulkarni were present.

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